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Red Alert offers a range of telecare products designed to offer vulnerable people a level of safety, independence, dignity and control over their day-to-day lives. So whether they are living in their own home, a residential setting or a hospital – they can still enjoy a level of freedom that they otherwise would not have.

In the home

A telecare system is the latest technology that allows people living in their own home to quickly and easily raise the alarm should they find themselves in difficulty. By pushing a wireless pendant or hardwired button they can instantly notify a call centre, warden or relative that help is needed.

The alarm system can also be enhanced to include a range of sensors which remotely trigger an alarm for situations including smoke, carbon monoxide, floods, a seizure or a fall.

Most people prefer to live independently in their homes for as long as they can safely do so. This simple system provides peace of mind to relatives and carers as well as giving individuals the reassurance that help is close at hand if they need it.

In the care sector

For hospices, hospitals and residential homes, Nurse Call systems are an easy way for residents and patients to summon assistance.

Installed at call points next to each bed or within an area, Nurse Call can be integrated with a telecare system to enable the person to control a range of environmental devices such as opening and closing doors, windows or curtains or turning on lights, televisions or digital boxes.